Bicycle moto cross (BMX) started in the late 1960s in California, since January 1993 BMX has been fully integrated into the Union Cycliste Internationale.

1) BMX SUPERCROSS (part of the Olympic program)


The BMX Supercross is raced on a 350m circuit. Eight riders launch themselves from an eight-meter high ramp and race over a track alternating bumps, banked corners and flat sections. The battle for first place is fierce, as it is necessary to finish in the first four of the heats to have a place in the next round and then in the final. Depending on the lay-out of the section, the riders try either to land quickly in order to gain speed, or to gain height (riders reach up to nearly five meters high). 




Freestyle is a question of executing figures and jumps. It can be carried out on the flat, on obstacles or on a ramp. Initiated freestylers meet between themselves or during contests, of which the most well-known is the X-Games. Riders are judged on their figures (difficulty, originality and style).




It is a question of producing a sequence of figures on different obstacles (inclined surfaces, walls, platforms etc). It takes place in skate parks.


VERT (abbreviation of vertical)
This consists of performing figures on a U-shaped ramp that is four meters high. The sides of the ramp are vertical at the top. The best riders jump up to 4.5m higher than the ramp. The vert is a very demanding specialty, requiring years of practice.


Here the rider produces a series of figures exclusively on flat ground, often balancing on one wheel. This artistic specialty can be compared with hip hop or break dancing.


As its name indicates, this takes place on the street. Riders use urban props (walls and railings etc) to carry out their figures. The principle of street is to get the two wheels off the ground without the help of a springboard or ramp.


Riders perform figures on mounds of earth. With several meters separating the mounds where they take off and land, the jumps are extremely spectacular. Riders are judged on the successful execution of several figures during the jumps, coupled with their degree of difficulty.Â

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