Election in Tunisia Cycling Federation




Under the supervision of the Tunisia National Olympic Committee, the Elective General Assembly of Tunisia Cycling Federation takes place on Saturday 24 December 2016 to elect a new Management Committee for the term 2016-2020.
Dr. Wagih AZZAM – President of African Cycling Confederation "CAC" and Vice-president of International Cycling Federation "UCI", Mr. Aly ELBenzerty – President of Tunisia CNO and Mr. Askandar Hashisha – Member of Tunisia CNO have attend the assembly.
After the review and approval of the financial and administrative reports, the election the General Assembly elect the new Management Committee for the term 2016-2020 as follow:-
Mr. Mawfal ELMerchaoui
Karim Chebil
Zayed ElMekrany
ELHady ELGabely
Olfa Ayachi
Mokhatar ElGarbawy
Monzer Kayka
Hoda GaabelAllah
Azzeddin Allomy
Fathy ElMaourfy
Amaal Gouyney Haram ElShaby
Hamey ElDarydy

In the sideline of this General Assembly, Dr. Azzam - CAC President and UCI Vice-president - meet with the Minister of Sport in Tunisie and the President of the Tunisie National Olympic Committee, where he discussed the cycling sport and ways to support the development and promotion of Cycling in Tunisie and African Continent.



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