Africa strong presence in the 185th UCI Congress - Doha 2016

The 185th Congress of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) today voted in favour of a revised UCI Constitution that sets out new democratic processes, including the restriction of the number of terms of office for the President (to three). The UCI becomes one of the first International Federations to formally adopt this limit.

The amended Constitution also provides for a broader representation of the Continental Confederations (at least two members from each) on the UCI Management Committee. In particular, in order to promote equality of representation around the world, the number of voting delegates has been raised from 7 to 9 for the African Cycling Confederation "CAC".

Finally, the UCI Congress voted in favour of granting the Commonwealth of Dominica, Niger and Tajikistan official membership of the UCI, taking its total membership to 187 National Federations.
Brian Cookson declared: “I’m delighted to formally welcome the Commonwealth of Dominica, Niger and Tajikistan to the UCI Family. Our membership has grown from 178 to 187 National Federations in the past three years which demonstrates the true global nature of our sport. Taking cycling to new regions, reaching new audiences and attracting life-long fans remain among our priorities as we continue to develop cycling in all its forms worldwide.”

UCI Congress approved to award Dr. Mohamed Wagih AZZAM the UCI Merit Award in recognition of his tremendous contribution to the development of cycling in Africa as President of the African Cycling Confederation, and to cycling globally thanks to his hard work and commitment as UCI Vice-President. The huge strides taken by African cyclists over the last few years is worthy of note, and it is a pleasure to see Africa represented in some of the biggest races, watched and applauded by millions around the world.


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