Grand Prix Cycliste International Chantal Biya 2016

The Grand Prix International Chantal Biya a road race registered at the UCI Africa Tour Calendar under class (2.2) organized in Cameroon in four stages during the period from 13 until 16 October 2016.
(47) Riders from eight teams participated in this event namely: SNH Velo Club Cameroun, Sélection Auvergne Rhône-Alpes from France, Swiss Oriental Meubles Descartes-Prodis from Switzerland, Central Slovakia Region, Club de la Défense from France, national team of Morocco, national team of Cote d'Ivoire and national team of Cameroon.

The tour of four stages and three winners of yellow jersey: 
The Ivoirian Cissé Issiaka who win the 1st stage (Yaoundé -Bafia) and the yellow jersey on 13 October 2016, has loose his yellow jersey at the 2nd stage 
(Yaoundé - Ebolowa) in favor of Bussard Dimitri from the Suisse de Meubles Descartes team on 14 October 2016. On 15 October 2016 Roman Martial from the sélection d'Auvergne team win the yellow jersey of the stage (Ngolbang-sangmelima-meyomessala) as well as the last stage (sangmelima-yaoundé) on 16 October 2016. 


STAGE 1 Results :

General 1               Equipe 1          Points 1

GPM 1                    Etape 1              Ordre des voitures 1

Grille 1                   Jeunes 1


STAGE 2 Results :

General 2                Equipe 2

Etape 2                    GPM 2

Jeunes 2                   Ordre des voitures 2

Grille 2                      Points 2


STAGE 3 Results :

General 3                   Communiqué n°1

Equipe 3                      Etape 3

GPM 3                          Jeunes 3

Points 3                        Grille 3


STAGE 4 Results :


General final               Equipe final

Etape 4                         GPM final

Jeunes final                    Points final








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