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Ebtissam made her first step in Track discipline in the season 2014/2015, when she ranked the 104th place with (80) points according to the Ranking System of the International Cycling Union "UCI". Before this date, she did not have any records in sprint races. During season 2015/2016, she ranked the 73rd place. In 2016/2017, she ranked the 43rd place with (600) points.

According to UCI Olympic Track Ranking, she achieved the 32nd place.

According to results of Women's Sprint, Ebtissam MOHAMED achieved the first Egyptian Record Time (12.920) and a new African Record Time by two seconds less.

She is the first representative for Africa in Track women's sprint discipline in Olympic Games. Since the introduction of Track disciplines in the Olympic Games program, no African female rider could qualify in the women's sprint event.

Ebtissam MOHAMED, promising girl aged 19 years, overcomes various obstacles like many injuries and the lack of a velodrome in her country to confirm Africa female presence in Track discipline.

A girl who draw up her sport future


“It was not lack of ability that limited my people, but lack of opportunity.”- Nelson Mandela








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