Egyptian rider scored a new Guinness Records

As the Egyptian cycling federation honors the Egyptian cyclist Helmy Alsaeed who scored a new Guinness World Records with his team ‘fastest X Europe’ after he had cycled about 6200 km across Europe from Russia to Portugal in 29 days, five hours and 25 minutes, breaking the previous record by 12 hours to raise the awareness about autism.

"When I was at school, I was doing sports especially cycling as it is a fun game and helps in improve concentration and physical fitness," he said. When he decided to study in the university, He travelled to Canada to study economics, but his passion for sport and challenges was His main goal that’s why he focused on endurance sports such as running, cycling and skating. But His first interest was physical fitness and training in muscular compatibility sports.

"I had a personal goal of putting my name in Guinness," he said. But he also had Another goal is to raise the awareness about autism as the coach of “FastestXEurope” has an autistic son and established Viggo Foundation to encourage autistic children to participate in sport. All the donations raised during the trip were given to the foundation.

He added that he found his real pleasure in the trip while riding the bike, as cycling gave him real enjoyment for the road and it is the best experience is to move between the different roads and cities where you can discover the true nature and culture of the place.
Al Saeed and his team faced many challenges as they were riding against the direction of the wind. This surprise was unexpected and contrary to all the studies carried out by the team before the journey began and the team also found at the end of the trip that it is difficult to break the previous record because of the weather but they insisted and continued without sleep so that they could arrive on time.
In the end, He managed to achieve what many saw as impossible to prove that dreams can only be achieved with determination and action. And he adds that cycling increases the spirit of determination

For his next adventure, Al-Saeed told Reuters that he and his friends are planning on crossing the whole of Egypt on foot from the most northern point to the most southern point.



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