Luxor city host the CAC Congress that take place on 12th of February 2017 in Luxor in Egypt with the presence of (33) African National Cycling Federations out of (48) active National Cycling Federation, UCI President Mr. Brian Cookson, UCI Vice-President Mr. David Lappartient, UCI Member Mr. Renato Di Recco, UCI General Director Mr. Martin Gibbs, UCI Deputy General Director Ms. Amina Lanaya, UCI Manager of International Relations Ms. Pascal Schyns, UCI Head of Legal Services Mr. Nicolas Valticos, Director of WCC Satellite Africa Mr. Jean-Pierre Van Zyl.

CAC Congress approved unanimously the new CAC Constitution, the CAC activities report, the financial & auditor reports.

Dr. Mohamed Wagih Azzam - unopposed - was elected by acclamation President of CAC.

The CAC Congress elects 10 Management Committee Members according to the new CAC Constitution for a new mandate term (2017-2021) as follow: 


President Dr. Mohamed Wagih AZZAM Egypt
Members Mr. Yao ALLAH-KOUAME Cote d'Ivoire
Mr. AbdelKhaled KHALDOUN Morocco
Mr. William NEWMAN South Africa
Mr. Danilo CORREIA Mozambique
Mr. Aimable BAYINGANA Rwanda
Mr. Julius MWANGI Kenya
Mr. Michel THIOUB Senegal
Mr. Abderrahmane ETHMANE Mauritania
Mr. Bashir MOHAMMED Nigeria
Mrs. Aminata MARA Guinea




Then CAC Congress proceeds with the election of nine Voting Delegates and 5 substitutes of Africa during the next UCI Congress of 2017, as follow:-

Africa Voting Delegates for UCI Congress in 2017

9 Voting Delegates 
1. Mr. Hesham ZIDAN Egypt
2. Mr. Mohammed SAHNOON Ghana
3. Mr. Julius MWANGI Kenya
4. Mr. Yao ALLAH-KOUAME Cote d'Ivoire
5. Mr. Gilchrist ADOLFO Angola
6. Mr. Amadou Hamidou SALLEY Niger
7. Mr. Lahcen BOUTIYEB Morocco
8. Mr. Naoufel MERCHAOUI Tunisia
9. Mr. Michel THIOUB Senegal
5 Substitutes 
10. General/ Khalid Bashir KHALID Sudan
11. Mr. Hassan SAMIREH Djibouti
12. Mr. Massari GIANDOMENICO Nigeria
13. Mr. Yasnemanegre SAWADOGO Burkina Faso
14. Mr. Abderrahmane ETHMANE Mauritania
15. Mr. Gebremedin Nigusse GEBRE Ethiopia


The CAC Congress elected the two candidates from Africa for the UCI Management Committee as follow:-

Candidates for UCI Management Committee

1. Mr. Mohammed BENELMAHI Morocco
2. Mr. Lucas W. M. GEORGES Seychelles




CAC Legal Commission and approved scrutineers by the Congress conduct the election process in fair and transparency manner.

The Committee of scrutineers was composed of:- 
 Mr. Mohammed SAHNOON (Ghana) - Head of CAC Legal Commission
 Mr. Thierry RWABUSAZA (Rwanda) - member of CAC Legal Commission
 Ms. Amina LANAYA (France) - UCI Deputy General Manager
 Mr. Alec LENFERNA (South Africa) - Member of scrutineers committee
 Ms. Noha SOLIMAN (Egypt) - CAC Staff

By the end, CAC President Dr. Wagih AZZAM awards a trophy from the African Cycling Confederation for UCI President Mr. Brian Cookson, UCI Vice-President Mr. David Lappartient and UCI Member Mr. Renato Di Rocco.

Finally, Dr. Azzam, on behalf of African Cycling Family extends deep thanks for every person who deployed effort to promote and develop cycling sport in our beloved continent. He ensures that the new CAC Management Committee will exert the utmost to develop and promote cycling, to ensure the unity and solidarity of African Cycling Family and to bring African Cycling sport to new horizons.

The Congress watches a video showing the activities of African Cycling Confederation during the last four years as well as the activities of the National Cycling Federations.






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